How to Unblock and Watch iPlayer Abroad (3 Easy Ways)

No doubt, technology has transformed the world. In my opinion, the world is now a village. The way information circulated and shared to extend can get compared to the speed of light. And undoubtedly, technology is here to stay. As a matter of fact, it has become part of our lives.

Day in day out, new software get invented if not, the one’s in existence gets upgraded. It is for this reason, streaming films, TV Shows and even to get BBC iPlayer abroad free is painless. Just like Netflix has dominated U.S traffic, so, BBC iPlayer commands the UK. As you might know, BBC iPlayer is a streaming service in the UK. This service is free to those within the UK.iPlayer AbroadRegrettable, watching BBC abroad is impossible because this service is geo-blocked. But, don’t worry of how you’ll stream BBC iPlayer abroad while on holiday or business trip – or even you genuinely live outside the UK.  There are options you can circumvent the Internet, and trick this service that you’re in the UK. But in the real sense, you’re abroad.

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Although there are plenty of tools you can use but, using the best software will get you iPlayer outside UK with best streaming experience. Still wondering where and how you’ll get the best method to unblock iPlayer? No doubt, of course, here! For this reason, this article explores three primary ways on how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad.

Use VPN to Stream iPlayer Abroad

First, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technique that will hide your gadget IP. Second, it’s most used by corporations to protect sensate data. Third, there are several VPN servers around the globe.

Finally, you can set up a VPN direct from your home computer but, the procedure is a bit taxing. If not, you can use any of the many premium VPNs around.

How VPN Works

In simple words for you, VPN got created to offer you best connection for your online demands. This tool encrypts all information conveyed through it. As a result, your Internet won’t get monitored or blocked. Best of all, you can use VPN on all of your devices.

In essence, with a VPN you can access BBC iPlayer abroad on Mac, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Subsequently, VPN works on all standard operating systems. For this reason, watching BBC abroad from iOS, Windows, Mac and Android is as like having a piece of cake.

Moving on, there are several VPN providers you can use but, below is the best one for iPlayer among the many around for you.


In the first place, this tool is on the top list of VPN providers over the Internet overall. And everyone can’t be mistaken; it will provide you with comprehensive VPN service having security and privacy settings. It encrypts all data channelled through it, meaning you can access iPlayer abroad worry-free.

Also, you’ll enjoy services such as secure online banking when on a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Finally, it has apps and setup guides for all the devices that you can think – including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Smart TVs and even routers. In my opinion, ExpressVPN is affordable too, as it goes for $5.75 per month – click on the link here to signup for ExpressVPN.

Even though going with a premium provider like ExpressVPN is recommended for hassle-free iPlayer streaming, still, if you do not want to spend few bucks for better speed and security online – you can try free VPNs like Tunnelbear.

As like quality premium VPNs out there, Tunnelbear has apps for all major operating systems – including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. So far, this tool is the one that many Mac and iOS users exploit. Either your device is a Mac, Windows PC, Android or iOS, you can download and install it by clicking on this link.

Now, here are real facts about this service. First, you get 500MB of data for free each month. Second, you can buy unlimited monthly data for 2.99 pounds. In conclusion, this is a real holiday investment.

To be honest, 500MB a month seems to little for iPlayer or any other video streaming lover online. So, if you want to use iPlayer overseas at best, buy TunnelBear premium. And, I would always invest in ExpressVPN if I were to pay for a VPN service.

How to access iPlayer abroad using a VPN

  • Sign Up for an ExpressVPN account ( Or any VPN that you like
  • Set up VPN software on your device, you’ll be able to download the apps and get setup guides (if you do not want to install any software) in your member area after sign up
  • Connect to a VPN server located in the UK
  • Boom! You now visit BBC iPlayer and enjoy any video you want

Remember, these are not the only reliable VPN software. There are several which can work similar, but yes, these are top recommendations based on thorough research and tests. Another thing worth noting here is, TV broadcasters are still able to detect VPN end point IP addresses used.

So, it will jeopardise you from watching BBC abroad. This move affects both paid subscribers and free VPNs. As a sign of relief, quality premium VPN services like ExpressVPN do change their endpoints IP addresses on regular occasions. It’s an attempt to steer ahead of censorship attempt by the online broadcaster.

In the end, there you have it, let it be iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows PC or tablets – you can watch iPlayer outside UK as you now know the simplest way to do so via a VPN. By the way, you can now watch BBC setup even on your connected TVs – thanks to the personal sign-in on connected TVs feature BBC iPlayer added just recently.

Unblock iPlayer outside UK via Unlocator SmartDNS

Smart DNS is a technology which enables Internet users to unblock Geo-restricted sites, like iPlayer in this case. This service has allowed hundreds of people to watch BBC iPlayer in abroad.

The technique this software uses is little different from that of ExpressVPN and VPNs in general as it does not change IP location. It fools the BBC iPlayer service by routeing DNS parts of your traffic which tell the BBC iPlayer where you are. At the same time, your IP address remains unchanged!

Pros of SmartDNS

  • Is compatible with all devices
  • No speed loss when using SmartDNS
  • You can unblock geo-restricted sites like from different regions at the same time.
  • You can watch local streaming channels while smart DNS is set up on your device. It’s because IP address does not change

In my opinion, before you subscribe to paid Smart DNS, take advantage of Unlocator trial ( Nevertheless, as like the case with good VPNs, you’ll get the set up guidelines for your device right after signup with Unlocator SmartDNS. For instance, the following steps are how to configure Unlocator for Windows 10.

  1. Click on start and tap Settings
  2. Click on Network and Internet
  3. Select Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on your connection. Then click Change Adapter Settings 
  4. Right-click on your network adapter and click on Properties
  5. Uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) – this is vital
  6. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to highlight and click on Properties
  7. In the General tab, click on Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the DNS addresses provided below

Primary DNS server:

Secondary DNS server:

Finally, click OK

Troubleshoot your device by restarting your device or router (this should be the first step). Check your account status in your account home. If your device gets set up correct, you should see three green check mark in the account you are using.

Again, complete guides on how to set up and use Unlocator on your device will be with you right after you’re done with subscribing to it.


You can set Unlocator on your router, too. If you set up on your router, all devices connected to it will use Unlocators services. If you have used this service before, you don’t need a guide. Just change your DNS to or

Also, if you’re unable to change DNS, of which in some cases you won’t be able to use Smart DNS via the two methods. It’s because of the public Wi-Fi in hotels; airports edge the use of custom DNS server.

The same applies to mobile internet on phones and tablets. In this case, you’ll still access iPlayer abroad. Because you’ll use Unlocator via Smart VPN, a feature which will allow you to use DNS.

Finally, you can also unblock BBC iPlayer on Android outside the UK using Smart DNS or VPN. Some people prefer Smart DNS while other prefers VPN. Both techniques work but, it narrows down to personal preference.

Catch Up Live UK TV Using Free Extensions

The use of a free browser extension is another option to use iPlayer overseas. The Free extension works well as it will enable you to bypass geo-restrictions. One best extension is Hola ( It is free of charge! Besides, it works on several browsers; Firefox, Chrome, Android, and iOS.

After installation, click on Hola and select one of the UK servers. You’ll get offered the UK IP address to connect to your preferred site (iPlayer in this case).

Also, you can use browser extensions of TunnelBear for Chrome and Opera. We’ve already talked about TunnelBear and how it works. It’s the best app to stream BBC iPlayer abroad on Android.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, it’s devastating for you to get deprived your TV privileges because of geo restrictions. You may be travelling for the holiday, studies or even work assignment.

Well, technology won’t disappoint you as you can get BBC iPlayer abroad free (there is no subscription fee of BBC iPlayer) using any of the methods.

Consequently, among the three ways, Express VPN is the best way for you to get the UK IP address and watch iPlayer abroad. But, it all depends on personal preferences!

For example, if you are not much worried about your online privacy and just want fast streaming – you can use SmartDNS instead of the VPN. So yes, let it be any method, each has its pros and cons. If one doesn’t work on your device, deploy the next.

Above all, all these methods work. Whether you prefer Express VPN of which in my opinion, it stands out or Hola or Smart DNS to stream BBC iPlayer in abroad, it all depends on user preference. Over to you!

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