When Is Toy Story 5 Coming Out? Find Out When the Magic Begins

Toy Story has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its enchanting characters and compelling stories. As Toy Story fans eagerly await the release of Toy Story 5, the excitement is palpable. While there is no official confirmation of a fifth installment yet, rumors and speculations continue to circulate, keeping the hope alive for another adventure with Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the beloved toys.

Toy Story

All About Toy Story

In Toy Story, the narrative revolves around the adventures of all the toys, highlighting the challenges faced by lost toys seeking belonging. The heartwarming tales explore the bonds formed among the characters, emphasizing the significance of each lost toy finding a place within the larger community of toys. Prepare for some really cool stuff with your favorite toys and get ready to meet a sad strange little man who’ll surely capture our hearts. Fans can expect the same heartwarming and emotional storytelling that made the previous Toy Story movies such as box office hits. Prepare for some cool stuff with our favorite toys and get ready to meet a sad strange little man who’ll surely capture our hearts.

Is Toy Story 5 Coming Out?

Pixar has officially announced the development of Toy Story 5! Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed this exciting news in February 2023, although a specific release date has not been disclosed at this time. This action appeared to be a response to the need for damage control following the termination of former CEO Bob Chapek, who made detrimental decisions for Disney during the pandemic. To build anticipation, Pixar has unveiled a series of concept trailers offering glimpses into a potential new escapade for cherished characters such as Woody, Buzz, and their pals, with hints suggesting the involvement of Bo Peep and a lost city. Keep an eye out for further details on Toy Story 5; we’re eagerly anticipating the unveiling of Pixar’s next chapter for our beloved toys.

When Is Toy Story 5 Coming Out?

The unveiling of Toy Story 5’s release date remains unknown, despite its official confirmation; Pixar has yet to provide specific details. Considering the usual production timelines for Pixar, 2025 could be the earliest potential release, though 2026 or even 2028 seems more plausible. Stay tuned for official announcements from Pixar, as they will keep us informed about when Woody and Buzz will embark on their next thrilling adventure!

Toy Story 5 Expected Storyline

As Bonnie undergoes the inevitable process of growing up, Buzz and the remaining toys find themselves confronted with fresh challenges, ranging from the complexities of school life to navigating the intricacies of friendships and even grappling with Forky’s existential dilemmas. Simultaneously, Woody and Bo Peep’s tranquil carnival existence takes an unforeseen twist when they cross paths with vintage toys confronting obsolescence. This encounter prompts a soul-searching journey, compelling them to question their purpose and role in the ever-changing world of toys. Ultimately, both groups must undergo a transformative process, adapting to their new realities and redefining their significance. Through this evolution, they come to realize that the essence of joy transcends ownership, manifesting in diverse forms that extend beyond the confines of individual possessors.

Toy Story 5 Cast

The cast of Toy Story may 5 include some familiar faces that fans have come to love over the years. Here are four actors who’ll be lending their voices to the iconic toys:


Tom Hanks

Known for his portrayal of Woody, Hanks will once again bring his charm and wit to the beloved cowboy. Hanks has been the voice of Woody since the first Toy Story film and continues to capture the essence of the character.

Buzz Lightyear

The actor behind Buzz Lightyear is Tim Allen, fans are excited to see who’ll take on the role of the lovable space ranger. With Bob Iger at the helm as the CEO of Disney, fans can expect someone talented to step into the shoes of Buzz.

Bob Chapek

As the current CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Chapek will undoubtedly have a hand in the casting decisions for Toy Story 5. With his leadership, fans can trust that the cast will be filled with talented actors who’ll do justice to the characters.

Other Beloved Characters

Alongside Woody and Buz, other beloved characters such as Jessie, Mr. Potato Head, and Rex will also make an appearance in Toy Story 5. While the actors behind these characters haven’t been officially announced, fans can expect the same level of talent and dedication that brought these characters to life in the previous films.

With the combination of iconic voices and new talent, Toy Story 5 is sure to capture the hearts of fans once again.

Toy Story 5 Trailer

Unfortunately, an official trailer for Toy Story 5 has not been released. Nevertheless, there are several fan-made and concept trailers available for viewing online. It’s important to note that these trailers are not produced by Pixar or Disney, but they can provide some insight into potential themes and concepts for the movie.

Where to Watch Toy Story 5

As the film series: Star Wars Toy Stories, has not been released yet, it is impossible to provide a definitive answer regarding its distribution. However, informed predictions can be made by considering Pixar and Disney’s historical patterns:


Following the closure of the theatrical window, Toy Story 5 is expected to be made available for streaming on Disney+, the streaming service owned by Disney.

Digital Purchase/Rental

Subsequently, the movie may be offered for digital purchase or rental on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Toy Story Movies Are There in Total?

There are currently four Toy Story movies in total. They have captured the hearts of audiences with their magical storytelling and beloved characters. Keep an eye out for updates on Toy Story 5!

Who Is the Director of Toy Story?

The director of each Toy Story film varies depending on the specific installment. The inaugural 1995 masterpiece, a groundbreaking feat in CGI animation, was helmed by the legendary John Lasseter, who breathed life into Woody, Buzz, and the entire gang. However, subsequent movies introduced different directors to the series, with Lee Unkrich overseeing the emotional journey of Toy Story 3 and Josh Cooley directing the heartwarming Toy Story 4. Therefore, the director’s role changes with each distinctive adventure in the Toy Story saga.

Will Toy Story 5 Be a Continuation of the Previous Movies or a Standalone Story?

Toy Story 5 will continue the beloved story of Woody and Buzz, capturing the magic of the previous movies. Get ready for another adventure as you join the toys on their next journey.


The enchantment of Toy Story 5 is poised to unveil, as Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang have yet to announce an official release date for their upcoming escapade. Although speculations hint at a possible arrival in 2025 or even 2026, one certainty remains their return promises yet another heartwarming odyssey brimming with laughter, tears, and the rediscovery of the true essence of existence. Until the anticipated moment arrives, keep your cowboy hats and spaceships at the ready, letting the excitement for Toy Story 5’s debut ignite your imagination!

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